Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What kind of leather do we use?
  • Full Grain Water Repellent leather
  • Printed Full Grain, Water Repellent leather
  • Full Grain Oily Pull-up Finished Water Repellent leather.
  • Buff Split BARTON leather
  1. What kind of soles do we use?
  • TPU/PU
  • PU/PU
  • PU
  1. What are the soles features?
  • Oil, Chemical & Slip resistant
  • Heat resistant
  1. Are our soles Anti-Static & Electric Hazard?
  • You cannot have both features in one sole, either Anti-Static or Electric Hazard as one feature is conductive while the other one is non-conductive.
  1. What is the steel shank for?
  • To support the arch and body weight
  1. Do we have Ladies shoes?
  • Our footwear is made to fit ladies
  1. What is our size range?
  • From size 38 to 48 with half sizes in sizes 41, 42 & 44 as follows:


  1. What are the material contents used in our garments?
  • 100 % Cotton fabric in 6.25 oz/sq.yard or 8 oz/sq.yard
  • 60% Cotton-40% Polyester
  • Nomex®
  • Flame Retardant 100% Cotton material
  1. What kind of zippers do we use?
  • Brass YKK
  • Brass SSO special made zippers in accordance to our standards
  1. What design feature do we use?
  • Placket Front
  • Sewn-in front crease
  1. How many colors of fabric do we stock?
  • 8 colors: Orange, Petro Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Tan, Grey.
  1. What are the main features of our material?
  • Color-Fastness
  • Shrink-Resistant
  1. What is our size range?