About Us


The company was established in 2004 in accordance with Investment Law No. 8 and started its activities by providing mainly oil companies with safety garments and footwear. Today, S.S.O serves all sectors and industries, providing the highest quality safety garments. The company not only serves the local market, but also exports its range of products to regional and international markets.

“Our mission is to serve the world’s working environment by making it safer for people through the supply of high quality comfortable safety footwear and Garments”


Safety. Quality. Performance. Our vision is to realize these goals.

Safety - S.S.O believes in the importance of the safety of workers on site, while making their comfort an equally important priority as well. With this in mind, our products always accommodate today’s on the job tasks and how safety can be ensured.

Quality - Our vision is to provide the best quality products in safety garments and footwear through using state-of-the-art technology, skilled labor, and first class manufacturing components. We strive to develop new ideas and innovative products that further ensure the safety of our clients on site.

Performance - We also believe in the importance of our workers and employees, as they are our most valuable resource. They need to be able to perform and work comfortably. We seek to provide the best and safest working performance garments and footwear for the environment of our employees, encouraging them to perform in the best way as a team.